Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's, like, hot.

Lists are lazy. But that's what also 37 degrees does to one's ability to think creatively, let alone coherently. It also limits one's ability to think about anything other than ways to cool off. Thus:

1. Doctor Zhivago

Russia man, it's cold. I mean, their winter is basically a military defense system with a better track record than Spunik. Sure, they have summer too but just replay all the parts of people riding in troikas.

2. Frozen

Some friends did a tactile screening of this flick, opening all the windows in their apartment in January. Sounds pretty good right about now.

3. The Heroes of Telemark

They beat the Nazis, on cross-country skis. It's the feel good, feel cold movie of the year!

4. Rare Exports

Winter in Finland. Take me there.

5. Blue Crush

Look, your brain is already melting, why strain it? They surf, they PG party, they surf. There are shots of the ocean in between. The end.

If all else fails hit up your local cineplex. Paying for a movie will never feel so good.

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