Saturday, September 17, 2011

An ode to Thor

 You always remember your first. Your first date (Mission Impossible), first time you walked out (Wanted), first time you threw up in a theatre (13). Then there's the first time you take your mother to 3D movie: Thor. Being that this film was so strongly marketed as a 3D summer blockbuster the idea of re-watching it on a television sans bulky glasses and surround sound seems pointless. If the Frost Giants can't attack you through the screen is it really worth it?

But unlike some 3D predecessors destined for death after the end of their cineplex run, Thor works. Maybe it's the touch of Kenneth Branagh (who, if anything, can do swelling music and epics like nobody's business). Maybe it's Joss Whedon's post-script featuring the one and only Samuel L. Jackson. Or maybe it's Stan Lee's cameo, or plucky Natalie Portman or maybe it's just that Chris Hemsworth is delightful both shirtless and in a breast plate. 

But perhaps most importantly, Thor's 3D world doesn't rely solely on technological strutting. For instance, unlike Green Lantern where it felt as though we kept flying back to Oa so something new could be flung at the screen, Asgard is a world unto itself. A world filled with characters, emotions and drama, as well as bright shiny things. Not to mention a world with Anthony Hopkins and Colm Feore.

The entire film is so decidedly PG and comfortable with this that it's impossible to not smile along at Hemsworth's mimbo ways and route for him as he fights on a rainbow bridge of homoerotic awesomeness. Thor, unlike so many other 3D spectacles actually has a heart. And that comes through in plain old 2D.

Thor is now on DVD and Blu-ray so you can Thor-oughly enjoy it for yourself at home.

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