Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Horror Day 1: The Vampire Lovers

This time last year I pitched an idea to my then editor at The Mark News: "Lemme write about horror movies for the month of October? K, thx."

Blown away by my mastery of syntax she said yes, therein giving me the best excuse to watch horror films all month. This year between grad school and grad school I don't have the time to write up each film, but to neglect the month's inherent horror potential would be remiss. So, everyday in October (that's 31!) I'll be posting a horror pick as we lead up to the greatest holiday of the year.

The Vampire Lovers (1970)

There has been no greater lesbian vampire, nor will there ever be, than Ingrid Pitt. In fact, there has been no greater woman than Ingrid Pitt. That might be a leap, but in any case The Vampire Lovers is a Hammer Films Production directed by Rob Ward Baker (the man who made Titanic years before James Cameron with A Night To Remember). This delightfully messy period piece is filled with heaving bosoms, dry ice and rapy cats. But it's the tragic conclusion that will cause you to fall in love with Pitt...for all know, like a vampire? Get it?

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